Rain Check is a citywide effort to manage water where it falls to protect water quality and quantity.

Rain Check is proud to offer a downspout disconnection program that is FREE for city property owners. We have a limited number of rain barrels available to residential property owners in the Ellicott, Masten and Fillmore Districts.

By signing up for this program, your property will be assessed to see if disconnecting your downspouts and installing a rain barrel is possible.

If your property is a good candidate for a disconnection or rain barrel, you will need to complete a program participation agreement. Once it is received, the Buffalo Sewer Authority will deliver and install a rain barrel on your property – free of charge. You can then use the stormwater that this rain barrel will collect to water your garden or wash your car. Or you can just leave it be and know that it is collecting stormwater that would have normally rushed into our sewer system and overwhelm it.

Who’s a part of rain check?

Rain Check is a Mayor Byron W. Brown effort to manage and protect Buffalo’s water quality and quantity. This stormwater management effort, led by the Buffalo Sewer Authority, is informed by the Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan.

In 2014, the partnership between the Buffalo Sewer Authority and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo attracted a national grant 

from Partners for Places – a project of the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities. The development of Rain Check and its initial public engagement campaign was funded through this grant.

This effort is fueled by the many local experts on water quality and stormwater management. The expertise of the Buffalo Sewer Authority is complemented by our community partners at Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER and PUSH Buffalo.