How green infrastructure keeps the stormwater challenge in check

Green infrastructure is designed to slow down the flow of stormwater into our sewer system. By absorbing and capturing rain and snowmelt where it lands, or temporarily storing water before releasing it into the sewer system, green infrastructure can reduce sewer overflow events and keep our waterways clean and healthy.

Green Infrastructure absorbs stormwaterGreen infrastructure absorbs stormwater

Green infrastructure often involves planting vegetation and other natural elements in urban environments to absorb and treat stormwater where it lands.

By absorbing stormwater, plants and soils keep large volumes of runoff out of the sewer system, while filtering out pollutants.

Green Infrastructure diverts stormwaterGreen infrastructure slows stormwater

Green infrastructure can reroute and slow down the flow of stormwater entering the sewer system, particularly during extreme precipitation events.

Slowing down the flow of runoff into sewers gives the treatment facility time to process and treat the incoming combined sewage and stormwater.

Green Infrastructure captures and stores stormwaterGreen infrastructure captures and stores stormwater

Green infrastructure tools can capture stormwater where it lands and store water so it can be used on site at a later time.

Capturing stormwater stops it from entering the system which improves water quality by reducing the volume and frequency of sewer overflow events that pollute waterways.