21 Oct

My rain barrel was installed at the end of July. I received a large, sturdy gray rain barrel, and I love it. It’s quite attractive and blends nicely on my property. My backyard lawn is longer than it is wide. Watering it can be a chore and puts a strain on my water bill. The location of the barrel is at the far end of the yard. I connect a hose to it and let it drain to that end of the yard, and I water the front end with the sprinkler. Frankly, the end with the rain barrel is greener and more lush.

I’m very proud of my city, Buffalo. I am impressed with its efforts around natural resource conservancy. A rain barrel is such a simple and cost effective means of conserving water. I am pleased that the city of Buffalo has embraced the idea and this program. All my friends are envious of my rain barrel. If the program is expanded, I am certain they would jump on the opportunity to have one installed. I’m glad I entered the lottery and that I was a lucky recipient. Thank you!