05 Nov

Regardless of the warm weather we’ve been enjoying these past few weeks in Buffalo, it’s a fact that winter is on its way. Rain Check Buffalo wants to make sure that you are prepared to help your rain barrel through the cold weather so that it can get right back to capturing stormwater next spring! See the information below about how to winterize the two different rain barrels that we distributed this year.


Winterizing your Great American Rain Barrel

It is VERY important to winterize your barrel. Empty or drain your rain barrel, remove spigot, run-off hose, and drain plug before storing for the winter. When possible store your barrel in a protected/indoor area but if the rain barrel must remain outside either turn it upside down and secure it or weight it down by storing garden equipment inside the barrel and put a heavy plastic bag over the top to prevent water accumulation which can freeze, expand, and potentially crack the barrel wall or animal inhabitation.

Click here for more information on the Great American Rain Barrel.


Winterizing your RiverSides RainBarrel

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Click here for more information on the RiverSides RainBarrel.