Finding Opportunities Together

Taking green infrastructure in Buffalo to the next level takes a diverse and dedicated team. That’s why Rain Check 2.0 is looking for ways to work with a wide range of partners—from residents to large institutions—to scale up our work and expand the types of projects we take on. Together, we can solve the stormwater challenge and build a better Buffalo for all.

We are exploring ways to work together with all types of partners.

Buffalo Sewer will reach out to developers, businesses, churches, and large property owners to explore opportunities for green infrastructure across Buffalo. This engagement will ensure designs are responsive to the needs of all our partners. Property owners also play an important role in making green infrastructure a success by maintaining installations on or near their property. We will continue engaging individual property owners to gain support and willingness to pitch in with maintenance.

We are looking to leverage green infrastructure to help communities realize their vision of their neighborhood.

Green infrastructure can be a tool to shape neighborhoods in ways that residents and stakeholders envision for their community. As Buffalo Sewer scales up its projects, we will continue to do this in creative ways. We will tailor our engagement to meet the needs of diverse communities while integrating equity into our decision-making. Along the way, we will build “Champions” for green infrastructure in neighborhoods across the city, while growing the local workforce for green infrastructure.

We are focusing on areas where projects can have the greatest impact.

By analyzing our history of sewer overflows, Buffalo Sewer has identified six focus areas where it will concentrate green infrastructure investments in the coming years. Working with a consultant team, Buffalo Sewer will conduct detailed mapping, stakeholder engagement, site visits, and best practice analysis to identify where new green infrastructure will have the greatest impact, what it could look like, and what it would take to implement these opportunities.

We are learning from successful partnership programs in other cities.

Many other cities have established partnerships to carry out their green infrastructure projects. Buffalo Sewer is reaching out to national partners and experienced local government agencies across the country to understand what makes green infrastructure partnerships most successful. Below are some examples of other cities and national foundations with successful green infrastructure partnerships that Buffalo can learn from.

Examples of green infrastructure partnerships to learn from