Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Promoting sustainability and water protection within an urban medical campus

Located on 120 acres in downtown Buffalo, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is a center of leading medical and research institutions that are growing the region’s economy and supporting community revitalization. The Medical Campus has made a commitment to sustainability improvements, including the use of green infrastructure. A new linear park along Ellicott Street in the heart of the campus provides a relaxing outdoor walking path with many features that enhance visitor experience while managing stormwater. Trees and rain gardens were planted along the street, creating a forest-like walkway throughout the center of the campus and offering new experiences for workers, students, patients, and other visitors who use the path every day. Additionally, portions of Ellicott Street were de-paved and parking lots incorporated rain gardens that support on-site stormwater management.

  • View from corner of Virginia and Ellicott, with Oishei Children’s Hospital in the far background