Northland Avenue

Promoting stormwater management and reuse in former industrial areas

The Northland Corridor on Buffalo’s East Side is a large-scale brownfield redevelopment project that will create an urban business park focused upon advanced manufacturing, clean energy, innovation and workforce training. The large project is aimed at providing economic employment opportunities for area residents and supporting the growth of the region’s workforce and major industries. The Northland Corridor originally developed as a late 19th and early 20th century manufacturing center along the former New York Central “Belt Line” Railroad, and represented one of the most extensive industrial areas on Buffalo’s East Side.

Today, the Northland Corridor is located in a walkable neighborhood featuring a mix of small businesses, public schools, churches and other community organizations. As part of this large-scale development project, Buffalo Sewer is developing community green spaces that promote walkability and manage stormwater. Design concepts for the project include tree plantings, stormwater planters, and other installations that will enhance the development with attractive landscaping and reduce stormwater runoff into the sewer system.

  • A major brownfield redevelopment project is underway at the Northland Corridor