Green Post-Demolition Initiative

Greening vacant lots after demolition to improve stormwater capture

Buffalo’s large-scale, multi-year demolition program targets the most dangerous properties in neighborhoods across Buffalo for removal of all structures, including properties damaged by fire emergencies and those that have suffered from long-term vacancy and abandonment. Demolition of blighted structures improves public safety and contributes to neighborhood revitalization. There is also potential for demolition to contribute to stormwater management.

Through consultation and collaboration with local and national partners, Buffalo Sewer sought to understand how landscaped treatments on City-funded demolition sites can improve the capacity of these spaces to capture and absorb water. The green post-demolition treatment to newly vacant lots in neighborhoods across Buffalo offers a number of benefits, including: reducing impressions of abandonment; reducing the need for site amendments for community gardening projects; and improving curb appeal for prospective buyers. Overall, green post-demolition treatments can enhance the ability of vacant lots to meet stormwater management goals and provide community benefits.

  • Workers at a green post-demolition site helping with site cleanup activities