Rain Check 2.0 Green Infrastructure Grant Program Interest Form

Please fill out the Interest Form below. If you are eligible, Greenprint Partners will schedule a follow up call to discuss your property.  If you are not eligible, you will receive an email stating the reason for ineligibility.

Once you have submitted this form, keep an eye out for an email from raincheckgrants@greenprintpartners.com for next steps.

About the Rain Check 2.0 Green Infrastructure Grant Program: Buffalo Sewer Authority is partnering with Greenprint Partners to provide the Rain Check 2.0 Green Infrastructure Grant Program. This program provides grant funding for green infrastructure retrofit projects on institutional private property throughout the priority basins. Green Infrastructure uses soils and plants to slow down and filter stormwater which keeps it from overwhelming our sewer system and polluting our water bodies. Project types can include rain gardens, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting. To be eligible for the pilot program, the project must be located in a priority basin.