27 May

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper Green Infrastructure Presentation and CSO #60 Pilot Project

The intent of this presentation is to explain the existing function of combined sewer systems and their impact on human health and public safety. This handbook highlights the usage of sustainable measures such as green infrastructure techniques to manage stormwater. Older cities have combined stormwater and sanitary sewer systems. As cities grew and development increased, so did the … Continued

27 May

Clarendon Place: Green Street Application

Green Infrastructure PILOT PROJECT GREEN STREET APPLICATION for CSO NO.060 CLARENDON PLACE: BUFFALO, NY Pervious Pavement Reduces peak velocity and volume of stormwater runoff delivered to storm sewer system Recharges groundwater supply Reduces total amount of impervious cover Requires less need for curbing and storm sewers Provides better traction in icy conditions than traditional asphalt … Continued

09 November

Ohio Street Project Plan and Bids

Introduction from the Ohio Street and Inner Harbor Infrastructure Improvements Civic Project (General Project Plan). Click here to view the full project plan. I. INTRODUCTION The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (“ECHDC”), a subsidiary of the New York State Urban Development Corporation d/b/a Empire State Development (“ESD”) is providing design services and construction funding for the Ohio … Continued

28 October

Ohio Street Project Renderings

The Ohio Street Project is a redevelopment project that incorporates water-smart landscaping designs, such as street trees, porous pavement and rain gardens. The project also uses Complete Street design principles to make this parkway safe for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. This connects Buffalo’s inner and outer harbor and increases access to both of these waterways … Continued